Motivation is funny. Ideas and inspiration come and go, but actualization requires motivation. For years, I’ve had no end of inspiring moments, and ideas have constantly poured into my head, but motivation has always been the missing ingredient. Truthfully, I’ve found plenty of excuses to avoid writing, to avoid sharing, keeping my thoughts tucked safely inside in a judgment-free zone even though those same thoughts are screaming to be let out.

So why now? What about this moment makes it the right time? Is this moment the result of some milestone or life-altering event? The answer is actually quite simple, even obvious to those who know me well. Music is the reason I’ve finally, finally decided to share my thoughts. To say that I’m passionate about music would be a gross understatement. I cannot function without music. Literally. I need it to work and even to cook and clean. Anything other than music in the background makes me edgy and unfocused.

I binge music like others binge Netflix and that, in turn, fosters creativity. It makes me want to write, to share, and to reflect. A favorite album, a beloved band, or even a new song can set my internal wheels spinning. Frequently, I wake up with a song playing in my head and I NEED to hear it–sometimes even before having my first sip of coffee! And, so, here I am. I can’t promise that I’ll blog every day, but can guarantee that whatever I write will be fueled by music.

Published by Krista S.

Lifelong lover of books and music. Dedicated to sharing and mentoring.

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