It’s almost Halloween— a good time to dust off those Cure albums and apply that black eyeliner, maybe even stream a macabre film classic or two because it’s the spooky season and that’s what Goths do. Or is it? And what is Goth anyway? A marauding people famous for sacking Rome? A medieval architectural style?Continue reading “Gothic”

The Brave New World of Havoc Faction

Havoc Faction is a Los Angeles based rock band whose multi-disciplinary approach encourages participants to journey into a post-apocalyptic future where the landscape has been significantly damaged and humanity genetically altered, but where the human spirit rises valiantly to fight against tyranny and injustice. The Havoc Faction project is the creation of artist and musician,Continue reading “The Brave New World of Havoc Faction”


In the Spring of 1983, during the tail end of my freshmen year in high school, I met a character whose mantra, “life is a banquet and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death,” deeply embedded itself in my psyche. That character, Mame Dennis or Auntie Mame, is the star of a book, stage play,Continue reading “Patron”

Comfort Zone

Netflix binges, must-have foods, favorite vacation spots, annual traditions, re-reading a beloved series for the billionth time—all of these are familiar and comforting. They’re go-to zones in times of both happiness and distress—places to which we return without thought or question so much that they can become stagnating or limiting to the point where weContinue reading “Comfort Zone”


It’s Thanksgiving Day 2021, and I’m doing something different for change. Instead of killing myself in the kitchen, trying to impress my husband with culinary delights, I’m taking a break pre-feast to blog about gratitude. Of course, I’m grateful for all the things everyone always talks about, but I have no desire to write aboutContinue reading “Gratitude”


Motivation is funny. Ideas and inspiration come and go, but actualization requires motivation. For years, I’ve had no end of inspiring moments, and ideas have constantly poured into my head, but motivation has always been the missing ingredient. Truthfully, I’ve found plenty of excuses to avoid writing, to avoid sharing, keeping my thoughts tucked safelyContinue reading “Motivation”