Today, May 22, is World Goth Day, a day to celebrate and extol goth music (in all its derivations) and the goth subculture. I came upon a post on the Instagram page of The Darkness Calling (, a page dedicated to goth/darkwave/electronic music. The page is itself the passion project of Jae and raises moneyContinue reading “Authentic”


It’s almost Halloween— a good time to dust off those Cure albums and apply that black eyeliner, maybe even stream a macabre film classic or two because it’s the spooky season and that’s what Goths do. Or is it? And what is Goth anyway? A marauding people famous for sacking Rome? A medieval architectural style?Continue reading “Gothic”

To the Batcave

As the spookiest time of the year draws near, my mind naturally turns to all things gothic. Books, music, the way the Spanish moss drips from the live oak trees, the deep russet sunsets fading to darkness as the days grow shorter, all combine to paint a vivid portrait of the world that lies justContinue reading “To the Batcave”